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AVION Harvest  grew from the dream of providing a world that is overrun with processed, refined food with a healthy and affordable alternative.

We believe that if our culture took fewer steps in processing  our daily meals,
then our world would be miles ahead in the long run.


If ever we can, we should enjoy our food from field to family, naturally.


As packagers and wholesale distributors of quality grain and pulses, we endeavor to bring to market the finest products nature provides;
Staples of the past which are becoming the most exciting crops of our future.


At AVION Harvest we believe in the integrity of a honest day’s work, simplicity of clean living and the character of rural roots;

Always taking tremendous pride in supporting our local agricultural community.


But more than just another wholesaler, we are committed to educating people in the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, responsible choices and the fullness of a vibrant life.


Watch for the AVION Harvest label coming to shelves of your favorite local grocer and natural food store across Canada.


Check back often for news on the newest additions to our product line, our favorite recipes, and other fantastic offers

Benefits from a Pulse Rich Lifestyle

  • lower cholesterol levels
  • improved blood pressure
  • lower rates of diabetes
  • increased protein for muscle growth
  • supports the growth of probiotics in the gut
  • prevent constipationand digestive disorders
  • anti-aging and skin care nutrients
  • decreased risk of many cancers
  • supply of long lasting energy

Featured Product

We've put together 35 reasons for you
to fall in love with the lentil
(read more...)

Feature Recipe

No Bake Lentil Energy Bars
This very special recipe has been stopping people in their tracks at all our demo booths.
Now you can make your own at home.
(Get the recipe here...)

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6 years ago

Demos at St Vital Coop and Grant Coop in Winnipeg went very well. A big thankyou to our fantastic demo lady. She is the voice behind AVION Harvest when we are not able to be there. Thankyou for your ... See more

6 years ago

Got sent this pic today of AVION Harvest products on Sobeys shelves. Thankyou Steinbach Sobeys. Hope to soon provide you with more delicious AVION Harvest products.

6 years ago

AVION Harvest will be at Grant Marketplace coop tomorrow, to demo our Kutya made from our pearled wheat. Stop by our booth and say Hi !! We are always excited for your feedback. See you there 11am ... See more

6 years ago
Ukrainian CHRISTMAS KUTYA Recipe

AVION Harvest has been increasing our product portfolio slowly to ensure we are listening to our followers. We are pleased to announce that we now carry Pearled Wheat berries as a delicious product. ... See more

To the Ukrainians Christmas is not Christmas without Kutya, a ritual dish and an integral part of the Holy Night Meal, is served only during the Christmas cycle of holidays whic...

6 years ago

Very cool CP holiday train on its way to Minnedosa. I LOVE Christmas and all the fun times it brings. Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!

6 years ago

Demo of chocolate chip/flaxseed cookies at save-on-foods in Winnipeg. Come by and try them.

6 years ago

A big thankyou to Shawn Zegher and Zeghers Canada for inviting AVION Harvest to their customer appreciation day in Holland Manitoba. It is through industry leaders such as Zeghers Canada that small ... See more

6 years ago

Management needs some R&R once in awhile !! Go Jets !!!

6 years ago

AVION Harvest sales are climbing at Red River Coop as we are well into STEW , CHILI, and SOUP season in Winnipeg. Thanks to the staff and management at Red River Coop, small business is live and well ... See more

6 years ago

Looking for local products in Brandon Manitoba ? Checkout the corral centre Safeway for local AVION Harvest dried pulses, flaxseed, bulgar wheat and pearled barley.

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My husband and I are from Eastern Canada. The Maritimes.   We strive for home-grown, locally
available grains, produce, animal products–anything that our family consumes at the meal
table, or elsewhere.
In specific, I’m sending high praise for your Pearled Barley.
I live in Winnipeg.   I shop at Safeway.   I was specifically looking for a good-quality
Pearled Barley for use in soup and stew.   As I searched the store shelves,   it looked like all
they stocked was Generic brands.   I asked if there was any Manitoba Pearled Barley available?
Low and behold, in another aisle, there was your Avion Harvest, just waiting for me.
I’ve used your Pearled Barley several times, and it never disappoints me.
Thank you for your hard work at being a local company, for proudly representing the “best”
of Manitoba, and for providing healthy food for our families.   Who knew that Pearled Barley
could speak so loudly, and have such heart?!”


With Many Thanks,
Christina B & family