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AVIAvion bagged beansON Harvest  grew from the dream of providing a world that is overrun with processed, refined food with a healthy and affordable alternative.

We believe that if our culture took fewer steps in processing  our daily meals,
then our world would be miles ahead in the long run.

If ever we can, we should enjoy our food from field to family, naturally.

As packagers and wholesale distributors of quality grain and pulses, we endeavor to bring to market the finest products nature provides;
Staples of the past which are becoming the most exciting crops of our future.


At AVION Harvest we believe in the integrity of a honest day’s work, simplicity of clean living and the character of rural roots;
Always taking tremendous pride in supporting our local agricultural community.


But more than just another wholesaler, we are committed to educating people in the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, responsible choices and the fullness of a vibrant life.

Watch for the AVION Harvest label coming to shelves of your favorite local grocer and natural food store across Canada.


Check back often for news on the newest additions to our product line, our favorite recipes, and other fantastic offers.



Healthy Outcomes

This is “Healthy Outcomes”courtesy
of Pulse Canada.
What is the benefit of


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